Tamzara: Step Into Ottoman History In Northern Turkey

Giresun’s Tamzara neighborhood, known for its restored Ottoman houses, takes visitors back in time with its cultural and historical atmosphere
The historical Tamzara neighborhood of northern Giresun province has begun to welcome visitors again amid Turkey’s normalization process following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Located on the route connecting the Black Sea and Central Anatolia, the Tamzara neighborhood in Şebinkarahisar district attracts tourists with its centuries-old atmosphere, highlighted by its restored houses, and immerses visitors in the culture of Anatolia.

Additionally, the Silbehan pond in the neighborhood highlights the area’s natural beauty. The pond, which is kept clean and is surrounded by trees, provides a peaceful spot for visitors seeking tranquility.

The historical Tamzara neighborhood is also on the route of many tour companies due to its connections with the Black Sea provinces of Gümüşhane, Trabzon, Amasya and Samsun.

Restored Ottoman houses are seen in the Tamzara neighborhood, Giresun, northern Turkey, July 18, 2020. (AA Photo)
Restored Ottoman houses are seen in the Tamzara neighborhood, Giresun, northern Turkey, July 18, 2020. (AA Photo)
Under the Project of Tamzara Living with Tourism, supported by the Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA), the neighborhood has hosted an increased number of visitors every year. Giresun Governor Enver Ünlü told Anadolu Agency (AA) that everyone should visit Tamzara, which is a very beautiful Ottoman quarter with its historical houses. “This is a place where our citizens can come from big cities and relieve their stress. They can find all kinds of opportunities and comfort of natural life here. Due to its air, Tamzara is also a very nice neighborhood where asthma sufferers can stay during the summer,” he said.

Noting that the Şebinkarahisar district is a gateway to Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia, Ünlü noted that tourists visiting Giresun’s highlands can stop by Tamzara and Şebinkarahisar on their travels.

Ünlü said the weaving cooperative established in the neighborhood by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Turkey’s founder and first president, has been revived again, and women produce high-quality Tamzara fabrics made of 100% cotton in the weaving workshop.

Ünlü said visitors can purchase natural products made by locals at the natural market in Tamzara. “Mulberry, dried fruit roll-ups and walnuts are among the most important products of the district. We want to allow our guests coming here to taste local flavors without spoiling their originality. We want to give them that old authentic atmosphere,” he said.

Visitors are seen in the Tamzara neighborhood, Giresun, northern Turkey, July 18, 2020. (AA Photo)
Visitors are seen in the Tamzara neighborhood, Giresun, northern Turkey, July 18, 2020. (AA Photo)
Pointing out that cultural and natural tourism will rise in popularity after the COVID-19 pandemic, Ünlü said: “Boutique hotels, bungalows and similar accommodation places will be preferred. People are tired of cities now. A significant part of the population now asks for natural and cultural tourism, as well as food served in traditional ways. It is possible to find natural nutrition and natural life in Tamzara. Tamzara is a perfect place for this. I also think that Şebinkarahisar is a promising district for tourism.”

Place of historical texture

Hasan Küçükdemirtaş, who came to Tamzara by tour bus from Ankara, said he had visited these regions before, noting that the neighborhood attracted his attention as a place that has preserved its historical texture.

Küçükdemirtaş, who visits and photographs historical sites in Turkey, expressed his appreciation for Tamzara. “I am glad I have come here. I have been told that famous photojournalist Ara Güler was from Şebinkarahisar. Many civilizations were established in the geography of Turkey. Vacations are not just about the sea, sand and sun. I recommend that people visit every region of Turkey,” he said.

Yasemin Özkan, another visitor taking a family vacation, said: “Generally, Antalya and its surroundings are recommended (for vacation). We have never seen the Black Sea, but we will see many places thanks to such a vacation concept. We are glad we chose a holiday like this. Although Tamzara is a small place, it is very nice that the historical artifacts still remain.”


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